Wednesday, 11 May 2011

greetings from shap

from Paulette
Merryl and Jan have not arrived here yet, it was a big day for them.  I think they do more talking than walking.  We have had a good time in Patterdale, the weather was not so good in the morning but was great in the afternoon.  I think they were pleased not to be walking.  The accommodation has been great.  I arrived with sherpa van today in Shap.  I have managed a couple of shorter walks over the last couple of days and as the track is supposed to be better and the distance is shorter tomorrow to Orton I think I will give it a go.  Will decide in the morning.  I have visited the New Balance Factory shop and made my purchases, i am sure Merryl will be tempted.  Our plan now is on Saturday to catch the train to Carlisle where we have arranged to collect a hire car.  We will keep our accommodation bookings and the sherpa transfers, but will be driving to them instead of walking.  But, all being well, we will stop for walks along the way and see as much as we can.  There are so many places over here to visit.  I was fortunate to meet up with Laura (the agent we made our flight bookings with) in Grasmere, she and her husband are holidaying here with her family and I had a great day out with them and they drove me through to Patterdale.  We are meeting some great people, the worst person so far has been  from Australia.  Merryl and Jan have been fortunate that on our rest days they have missed out on some of the worst weather up in the hills.
Both phone and internet are pretty limited here, but will do our best to keep you up to date.
Merryl is sure to want to send when she gets the chance.
Bye for now.

Friday, 6 May 2011

finally found internet access

Paulette says:
My coast2coast started and finished at St bees.  After hurting my ankle on the beach and after much deliberation, i decided that i would not walk for the first few days.  the lakes district section is the most difficult and i did not want to get into any trouble.  fortunately for us merryl's sister is with us for the first 10 days so merryl did not have to walk on her own.  i have been fortunate to hitch a ride each section with the sherpa van driver.  i am waiting to see how it feels after a few days, luckily i am in a beautiful part of the world so there is much to see and do.  we have talked about the situation and if there is not enough improvement we have plan b which will be disclosed if the need arises.  my friend hilary from wales joined us yesterday and we have had a great day with her on the bus visiting other areas of the lakes district.  even though i have been very disappointed it is still great to be here and i have lots more to look forward to.  i am worried about the amount of eating we are doing, especially as i am not doing enough exercise.
will be in touch again soon.

Merryl says she will write next, she has too much to say, but is more interested in eating tea first.  i guess she deserves it, she is doing all the work.

Merryl and Janny say: 
First Day - St Bees to Low Cock How Farm - 19 km!!!
Beautiful sunny day around the coast.  Wished our day was over at Cleator (13.5km).  Didn't know what was ahead - a 405m climb up Dent Fell!!  Going up was OK, but coming down was a knee wrecker, toe squisher steep descent.  After a seemingly long walk along the valley we very thankfully arrived at the farm where a fellow traveller made us a welcome cup of tea.

Day 2 - Farm to Ennerdale YHA - 9 km
Set off on another beautful sunny day feeling confident that 9km would be a piece of cake!  And that we would be at the Hostel in about 3 hrs just in time for lunch.  We had recovered well from the day before due to great farmhouse cooking and  stretching exercises.  Merryl says she is not sure about following Janny's fooststeps as she was led down a deep crevasse (Janny says it was only 2 foot) from which there was nearly no return.  Clambered our way to safety and up over the high route. 
Walking along the bank of Enderdale Water was deceiving, as rough rocky ground made the going slow, so lunch was late.

Day 3 - Ennerdale YHA to Borrowdale YHA - 16km
A not so sunny day but no rain.  Easy walk along a road to Black Sail YHA, a trip down memory lane for Merryl as she had been here 25 years ago.  It looks the same. 
Next part was a slow 340m climb alongside a brook to the fells above (read creek for brook and hill for fell).  A not so quite knee wrecking descent brought us down to the beautiful Borrowdale Valley.  Green grass, little black lambs and lovely green oak, silver birch and beech.
A Radox foot bath was enjoyed by all of us.

Day 4 - Rest Day at Borrowdale
Spent the day with Hillary a friend of Paulette's.  Caught a bus to Buttermere.  Scones and clotted cream and Lakeland icecream - YUM!

Conclusion: - Enjoying ourselves and meeting many interesting people :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

It begins now

Taking a well earned rest, and so greatful for the seats which we have decided are a must to take with us.

We have now had our final walk on Australian soil where we tested all our gear.  We are looking forward with trepidation to what the Coast2Coast walk has waiting for us, whatever the weather.  So our next message should be coming to you from somewhere in the Lakes District, UK.