Monday, 14 March 2011

It begins now

Taking a well earned rest, and so greatful for the seats which we have decided are a must to take with us.

We have now had our final walk on Australian soil where we tested all our gear.  We are looking forward with trepidation to what the Coast2Coast walk has waiting for us, whatever the weather.  So our next message should be coming to you from somewhere in the Lakes District, UK.   



  1. Merryl says 3 sleeps to go

  2. Can't wait to see you! Have a safe journey:) The Cliffes x

  3. hey merryl Wendy and I will be keeping an eye on you guys over there hope you have a great time.
    Lots of love Wendy and Doddsy

  4. Its getting closer...have a great time you two!!! Kylie

  5. Trying again Merryl
    Love Mum

  6. Im so excited for the both of you! Those seats will be so handy. Look out for owls, Liz x

  7. You are in the air now. Its all really happening. Looking forward to your next post. Kylie

  8. Hi M&P&J
    You are starting off now. Those feet were made for walking!!
    Love Mum ++

  9. hello, hop eyou to are going well, how is the foot, ps i will go buy a home phone today
    Love Kez

  10. Brian Says...
    Hour and a half to pay two wages. Yarrni's goats are looking good. :)
    Missing you!

  11. good luck girls. you should be very proud of yourselves. take care and god bless.

  12. Hi. Enjoy your walk. Hope your ankle is OK.
    Love Jeny

  13. Hi M,P,J.
    A long one today,will be glad to rest tomorrow,
    Have fun, Love Mum.

  14. Check out the art gallery restaurant @ Kendal

  15. Mum, Call me please, Thank kez

  16. Hello Merryl and Paulette
    I am excited to hear about your trip so far and it sounds like you are having a great time.
    Thinking of you on Mothers Day and I am sure it will be one to remember.
    Continue to have a safe and fun time.
    Off for coffee now for my Mothers Day treat.
    bye for now
    Linda x

  17. Kylie says...
    So glad to hear about your adventures. Hope your ankle gets better soon paulette. Mum i sent you an email to your gmail next time you have internet. Miss you XOXO

  18. From Kylie and Kelsey

  19. Mum says it was great to have a chat& I read your interesting time on the walk.
    Hope your ankle improves P.
    Loving thoughts. +++

  20. Hi Girls,
    Another rest day today,then 24k phew!!
    Rain & cold here today.
    Michelle will be here Sat.night to feed Perri.
    Luv Mum+

  21. Eucla calling (Alex)taking care of the WA Border and as always laughing and having fun with tourists, which YOU NOW ARE. Do us proud and spread the word about how great Oz is.
    Rae out of hosp. and brilliant, says "Hello". My grannie has walked where you when we were still in Scotland and loved every minute of every day. Even the bashes on her tootsies. So take care of them and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Speak to you soon. Alex.

  22. Great to hear of your adventures and imagining how beautiful the scenery is. Stay safe. Don't rush, enjoy it. Nellie

  23. Hi,we miss you at work and look forward to hearing about your travels. Hope Scotland is picturesque, and the weather is calm.
    See you all too soon
    Liz and Sue xx

  24. See you soon